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Prom Planning on San Francisco Bay

How to Plan the Ultimate High School Prom Cruise on a Yacht

If you are a high school junior or senior, a parent, or a faculty member you obviously want your prom night to a memorable one. Successful proms are the end result of months of hard work. Here are some steps you can take to ensure that a SF prom night is fantastic.

When the prom committee begins planning they should divide into groups that are responsible for various planning aspects of the prom party. School administrators should require that the committee heads provide a detailed work schedule of who will be working along with time frames for completing the work.

Choosing a theme can be a sticky subject because there are different opinions. The best way is to vote among the students. Ask the student body for theme suggestions over a period of a couple of days. Once that period has ended, the suggestions can be placed up for a vote. Themes are often picked based on a favorite song. The administration should have the ability to veto any inappropriate themes before they are put to a vote.

A SF prom cruise is a great option since the yachts are already beautifully decorated. The San Francisco prom cruise allows students to save money on decorations that either makes the tickets less expensive or puts additional funds towards the food or dessert program.

Typically much of the fundraising is done ahead of time. There are many fundraising opportunities including car washes, magazine subscriptions, bake sales, candles, raffles, dinners, and benefit concerts. Since schools must stay within a budget the prom cruise is a great way to keep costs in control. has fixed cost prom party options so you can easily sell tickets knowing that the budget will not be a problem.

Most prom cruises include a DJ but if you want to bring your own be sure that you hire one who has a good reputation for playing great music. If you want to try a new DJ, have them DJ with an experienced DJ to avoid any problems! Your photographer should also be experienced and reliable so they are on time and have the correct equipment.

A San Francisco Bay prom cruise allows free chaperones and usually also includes security. Security can be provided by the school or the private company works with. Your SF prom party will be a wonderful night to have fun and enjoy your last celebration as a class together.

Lastly, most schools begin planning their proms a year in advance. There is a limited amount of yachts available on the San Francisco Bay so the schools that plan early have their pick of yacht and date. says that they begin getting prom calls in April and May a year ahead of the prom. Since most prom cruises are in April or May there is limited availability so call soon to begin the reservation process.