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Late Night Dance Prom Cruise

Have a Memorable Night with After Prom Cruises

Prom night happens to be the most anticipated event of a student’s life. It is one last chance to soak in all the emotions and memories before you embark on your journey to college or earning a living. Planning a prom cruise is an ideal way to make the night even more special and memorable.

A prom party makes guests want the party to go on till the wee hours. Prom King and Queen may have been announced and you have had the last dance but you still do not want to let go of your dream date. If this is the scenario that you anticipate, then a yacht charter prom cruise is the perfect setting.

There are a number of options that you can pick from for planning the after prom party. You can go to a bowling alley but is hitting those pins on the most memorable night of your life romantic enough? You can get together at a friend’s house but again how many times you have already done that over the four years of high school? So why not show some creativity and plan a prom cruise.

Now just envision staring at those constellations in the sky while you are holding the railings of a charter yacht and soaking in the atmosphere. Lights flickering far into the city as you dance one more time to our edgy DJ. Doesn’t it make the adrenalin rush through your veins? To top it, you have a wonderful buffet.. Also, you have the security arrangements that are professionally planned by who arranges all sorts of prom cruises.

You need to plan well in advance to arrange for the prom party. Find out if your school has any dates planed and advise the administration of the interest in a prom cruise. Once you have decided to have the event on a yacht, give a call. They specialize in organizing after prom parties.

After finalizing the date, sit down with their organizing staff to meticulously work out all the details. You want the night to be spectacular. Work out the menu and DJ play list. Decide about having a photographer or you can leave disposable cameras around the yacht for candid photographs.

You may find the cost is equal to other options! What could promise to be a more memorable experience than a prom cruise! Book a year in advance to get your preferred date. Make most of the end your student life. A charter yacht will help this farewell be the most remembered school event ever.