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Yachtsf.com was started in 1993 during a picnic on an island off the coast of Friendship, Maine. They say the Swiss are born with skis on. Well, Sy was born with a life jacket on! He started sailing as a youngster & began mastering knots, lines, tides & every type of moving water vessel. After some college shenanigans  & spending five years leading 30 day canoeing trips rehabilitating juvenile delinquents in the swamps of Georgia and Florida, he eventually moved to Northern California in search of a California girl. 

On a foggy and windy night in Berkeley, he met Lynne at a jazz club. While they exited the establishment separately, Sy wrote Lynne’s number on the palm of his hand. Shortly thereafter, they happened to be in San Diego over the same weekend for different business engagements. Lynne was interviewing with a position at Warren Miller Ski Travel and Sy was attending an aerobics instructors training. Their first date  was with life long friends on each side at Dick’s Last Resort. After throwing french fries across the room, dancing and much laughter, their romance began. Lynne was in the wholesale travel business specializing in ski travel. Chartering planes and buses was her specialty. 

Within five months, Lynne joined Sy on an East Coast trip to meet the “famdamily.” They were engaged at Deep Cove in Friendship Maine that trip.  That’s the trip where turning their love for travel, boating and business ventures was born. Sy asked a friend how he could make a living with boats and his friend suggested chartering them.

Today we know a whole lot about chartering on the bay. We have seen boats come and go and know each boat’s strong and weak points. We have organized over 1500 events on San Francisco bay and want to demonstrate our services to you to help design a cruise that will meet your individual vision. We can organize corporate events, private social functions, weddings, tour operator tours, incentive rewards, fantastic Angel Island BBQs, religious events and just about anything else you can imagine for from two to two thousand guests.

So please let us know your event goals, your ideas and dreams. We want to work with you to make your event come true on a San Francisco Bay yacht charter. Whether you are a professional corporate event planner, a bride to be or anything in between use this website to research your event. Contact us and we will help you design and plan all the details for a truly memorable Five Star San Francisco Bay Yacht Charter.

Sy & Lynne Richardson
A licensed US Coast Guard Captain and accomplished ex

Thier expeditions include

Earlier He worked in Northern Florida rehabilitating juvenile delinquents. That program continues to be one of the most successful rehabilitation programs in the country.

He is currently working to develop an educational curriculum to deliver to public schools a course to teach self awareness, problem solving, craftsmanship, communication, cooperation, leadership and other skills that are necessary for survival in today’s world but neglected in traditional education.

He has traveled extensively and owns several other companies in the San Francisco Bay area.