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Since there are many differing views on alcohol our charter staff have many beverage service options available. So many options that it can be somewhat confusing. We have tried to simplify the process so that you may have exactly what is appropriate to your event. If you can not find what you are looking for here please ask us and we will work to meet your specific needs.
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S O D A  B A R  S E R V I C E
     Soda Bar Service includes non alcoholic beverages including soda, fruit juices, mineral water, coffee and tea. Options include hosting soda bar service and having cash bar, tally bar or tickets for alcoholic beverages. Host can determine if alcoholic beverages offered (if any) include beer and wine only or full open bar. Soda bar service is priced per person depending on the length of the event. If host is adamant about not offering alcohol prior notice must be given so charter staff can be briefed on the hosts wishes. Charter staff work for you so please let us know all your preferences so we may meet your expectations.
B E E R  &  W I N E  S E R V I C E
     Beer and Wine Service includes Soda Bar Service plus beer and wine. There are sometimes two beer and wine services one being "Standard" service and the other being "Premium" service. In addition many vessels have wine upgrades beyond the premium service for clients who want special wines. Options include hosting beer and wine service (standard or premium) and either not offering mixed drinks, offering mixed drinks on a bar tally or offering mixed drinks on a cash basis. Mixed drink tickets can also be pre-purchased to meet the needs of a few guests who might prefer mixed drinks. These tickets would then be distributed by the event host to those wishing a mixed drink. Beer and wine bar service is priced per person depending on the length of the event.
O P E N  B A R  S E R V I C E
     Open Bar Service includes soda bar service, beer and wine service and some yachts offer "Standard" and "Premium" Open Bar Service. Standard service includes standard beer and wine service. Premium service includes premium beer and wine service. Either service levels can upgrade wines on a per bottle premium. Open bar service is priced per person depending on the length of the event.
N O  H O S T  B A R - C A S H  B A R
     Some events may call for guests paying for their beverages. There is always a cash bar setup fee per bar setup. So if your yacht has three bars and you want them all set up then you would incur three bar setup fees. Cash bar setup fees can be waived with the purchase of a soda bar service. Sometimes the soda bar service charge is less than the bar setup fees depending on the vessel and how many guests are participating in the event.
T A L L Y  B A R
     As with the No Host Bar a tally bat incurs bar setup fees depending on how many bars you set up. The difference is that the tally is paid by the host or other designated person. A tally bar may be configured to offer soda only with cash for alcoholic beverages, offer beer and wine service with cash for mixed drinks or offer all beverages on the tally. You can also offer any of the basic services on a hosted basis and tally the rest.
C O R K A G E  F E E S
     Some clients wish to bring their own beverages and most vessels have corkage fees. Please bear in mind that only wine and champagne can be considered for corkage. Beer and hard spirits can not be provided by the host or guests. This is due to Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) rules that govern the liquor licenses that vessels must comply with.
D R I N K  T I C K E T S
     Drink tickets may be purchased prior to the event to limit the beverage consumption of guests. This solves some issues hosts may have involving corporate events or otherwise. The main drawback to drink tickets is that a drink ticket is charged at mixed drink prices and may be used for any beverage at the bar. So if a guest uses the drink ticket for a mineral water that water costs the same as a mixed drink. For the individual events that must consider this option the drawback of ticket pricing is not an obstacle.

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